CNCS - Election 2016 - Results

CNCS Members

111 emails were sent to registered members; 108 emails received (3 bounce backs). 37 members voted - 34% of the membership.

Thank you to all the members who submitted their names for Executive and Committee Chair positions. Committee Chairs, we will be in touch with you shortly. If anyone is still interested in being a committee chair there are some spots available and please contact us with your area of interest.

President: Jim Kutsogiannis
VP-Internal: Jeanne Teitelbaum
VP-External: Peter Brindley
Treasurer: Jeff Singh
Secretary: Houman Khosravani 

Thank you to all the candidates and members.

APPOINTED positions - please stay tuned for updates; thank you to those who self-nominated/volunteered for these positions. The following positions have been filled and Committee Chairs will shortly be announced.

  • Committee Chairs
    • Research (2 positions)
    • Training and Education (2 positions)
    • Guideline Development (2 positions)
Nominations are being accepted for - if you are interested please contact us.
  • Committee Chairs
    • Advocacy and Liaisons (2 positions)
  • Fellow/Resident Representative (one position)