- Canadian Neurocritical Care Society

The Canadian Neurocritical Care Society (CNCS) has existed for more than a decade as a grouping within the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation  (CNSF). The time has come to expand and augment the CNCS to have a dual-affiliation with both the Canadian Critical Care Society (CCCS) and the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation. CNCS will be applying for Assembly status within the CCCS. The CNCS/ will be the hub for all things neurocritical care in Canada, much like our sister organization, the Neurocritical Care Society (NCS) is in the United States.

This site is dedicated to neuro-intensive care physicians and affiliated consultants in Canada and those with an interest in caring for neurologically-ill patients in the ICU. The purpose of the site is to develop and foster a formal Canadian Neurocritical Care organization/group under the auspices of the Canadian Critical Care Society  and the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation.

There will soon be an election for the executive of CNCS. We are hopeful to have a gathering at the upcoming CCCF meeting in Toronto in 2016 in follow-up to our meeting last year to further discuss the society. Please use the Membership tab to register and be part of the future in building the Canadian Neurocritical Care Society.

CNCS EXECUTIVE - Elected Sept. 2016
  • President: Jim Kutsogiannis
  • VP-Internal: Jeanne Teitelbaum
  • VP-External: Peter Brindley
  • Treasurer: Jeff Singh
  • Secretary: Houman Khosravani 

Organizing group 2015-2016:
  • Dr. Claudio Martin, Intensivist and Past CCCS President, Western University
  • Dr. Houman Khosravani, Intensivist, Clinical Associate, Western University 
  • Dr. Jeanne Teitelbaum, Neurologist and Neurointensivist, Montreal Neurological Institute and MUHC
  • Dr. Draga Jichici, Neurologist and Neurointensivist, Department of Neurology and Critical Care Medicine
  • McMaster University
  • Dr. Michael Sharpe, Intensivist , Western University
  • Dr. Jim Kutsogiannis, Intensivist and Neurointensivist, University of Alberta

This site is developed and maintained from Western University’s Critical Care Program in affiliation with the Canadian Critical Care Society. Please contact us: or use the form below.