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Canadian Neurocritical Care Society (CNCS)

Neurointensive Care is a burgeoning and exciting sub-specialty within Critical Care. The Canadian Neurocritical Care Society (CNCS) is a dual-affiliate society for providers who care for neurologically-ill patients across canada. The CNCS exists in partnership with the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation (CNSF) and the Canadian Critical Care Society (CCCS).

The Canadian Critical Care Society (CCCS) is the National specialty society of Canada representing Adult and Paediatric critical care providers. Similarly, the Canadian Neurological Science Federation (CNSF) is comprised of the Canadian Neurological Society (CNS), Canadian Association of Child Neurology (CACN), Canadian Neurosurgical Society (CNSS) and the Canadian Society of Clinical Neurophysiologists (CSCN).

In partnership with CNSF and CCCS, the Canadian Neurocritical Care Society aims to be the national hub for neurointensive care in Canada and to garner focus, interest, education, and advocacy this important sub-discipline. This is an exciting time for neurointensive care in Canada and the CNCS looks forward to working with its members and affiliate societies to establish both a National and International presence.

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  • CNCS Business Meeting - All members are welcome
    • Tuesday November 12th, 2019 at 3:30-5:00PM in the Peel room - Canada, as part of the Critical Care Canada Forum